Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun Idea's for the Weekend!

This week I have been so busy! With my father's twin (my awesome uncle) in town, painting, baking and dealing with a snowstorm after 7 weeks of beautiful weather!, Oh March - in like a lamb out like a lion!

So today I quickly glanced at my most frequented blogs and found these great ideas...

a wine cork bath mat ! - all the more reason to save my corks! :) very cool!

a sock bunny ! perfect for Easter, which is, might I add - right around the corner!

how much do I love these fabric storage bins ? very much! 
so to be able to do them myself - YES PLEASE! - makes me so happy :)
there are also other ways to make fun fabric bins here!

I leave you with these Fun Ideas & hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
:) K

Photos from Craft & How About Orange 

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