Friday, March 12, 2010

Chloe's Box of Sewing & Knitting Goodness!

My friends in Georgia had a baby a couple weeks ago, I was not prepared for her coming a month early (nor were they), so the past couple weeks I've been busy on Chloe's box!

In addition to these wonderful gifts I made, there are a couple cute outfits, my homemade soap for Mama, my homemade earrings for Mama, a Saint's for Girls booklet, a St. Joseph medal for Dadda and some cards. It was a lot of fun gathering all these wonderful items for Baby Chloe who had a rough start in life but is pulling through everyday! Here's to you Chloe! :)

3 Bibs, Burp Cloth, Chloe Blanket, Bunny Pal, Toy Block


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