Friday, August 26, 2011

Hazelnut Time

I went hazelnut picking today - wearing gloves and rubber boots. The nuts are drying in their jackets and hopefully peeling them won't be to hard on my fingers. Hazelnut jackets have these horrible little needles that get into your skin and feel like they are there forever. But once we get them out and start cracken - Yummm.... :) Another great picking time in Northern Maine!


Lynn Cyr said...

Nice! I need to go pick mine... we have a ton here! What do you to do "dry" them? I've always had such a tough time getting those skins off, so is drying them the trick??

Kellie said...

YES drying them out on a baking sheet in the sun for a few days is the trick. Then grab the little stem and peel them back and use a knife to get the nut out - this is my method to not getting those tiny needles in my fingers! Works every time! ;)

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