Friday, January 14, 2011

Entertainment Center into Sam's Play Kitchen!

Talk about a fun project! My husband and I put our heads together and with the inspiration of some we've seen on the net, we came up with this GREAT PLAY KITCHEN from an old entertainment center!! Our goal was to make this for Sam for Christmas and it turned out wonderful!

First it was to find an entertainment center!  After posting a request on facebook, a couple friends let us have the one that was chillen in their garage for a year. When we picked it up, I was happy to see it was black, that equalled, 'No Painting!' :) It needed some TLC, so after we did some re-enforcements on it, it was a good base to start with!
Second, we planned it all out - down to the food! 
And, this is what came of it....
The Stove Top swirls were done with permanent marker.
We spray painted the Stove, Oven & Fridge Door Silver.
We painted the Oven knobs black and Sink knobs red & blue.
The Faucet was made from wood, and the oven window was
the plastic cover from the pan that serves as the Sink!
Found food images online and printed them out,
modge-podged them onto cut out blocks of wood
on both sides.
Made Pizza Toppings from a wooden dowel
and cookies from wooden door knobs.
The final Cookies!
The Final Pizza! 
We replaced the real cutter blade with a wooden one.
Cut out cardboard pizza pan!
Eggs made out of felt and yellow marker.
At Easter I'll get some eggs and put the yolks in them.
Bread, Cheese, Ham, Turkey & Tomatoes made from wood.
The FINAL Kitchen!! :D
Freezer & Fridge, which are now filled with
more baskets of great quality plastic food we purchased 
from Walmart for $5/each!
Storage view, Part 1!
Storage view, Part 2!
Our Little Chef!
Just like Dadda, Chef Coat & All!
Makin Pizza!
Tada! :D

We got a lot of the utensils and pots from my parents basement, thrift store & dollar stores. The whole thing cost us about $40-50 dollars! Well worth it! I hope this will be a family heirloom, something to pass down! :) I think the fabric I chose fits it well, adding fun color to the 'modern' black and stainless steel. There is a framed winter scene that can be switched out per season and a coat hanger for the pot rack! Here are some of our inspirations that we used and others I have come across since making the kitchen. Cupkateer Blog, Vintage Songbird Blog, Sutton Grace Blog, & Design Dazzle Blog!



Jodi said...

Kel, that turned out awesome!!

Kellie said...

Thanks - it was so much fun to make and it's so much to play! ;D

Joshua and Stephanie said...

So cute, on my list of things to make, thanks for all the food ideas, I am pregnant and so brain dead and you are a life saver!!!

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