Monday, June 28, 2010

It has been a while....

Hello, hello blogging world! I have been very busy with my DIY wedding stuff, baby showers and overall summer fun! I hope your summer got off to a wonderful start as well :) Today I wanted to share with you these great ideas I found - I'm sure you'll think they are pretty cool too. I have lots to share on my own stuff, so keep a look out for those. Today I am up in my ears with the wedding, so hopefully tomorrow I can start posting "my" stuff! :) Have a great day & enjoy this post...

Ok clever woman! Twister Raincoat! Brillant & Fun!

Nick will make this for me pronto - yea maybe not,
but how much do i LOVE this chicken coop? VERY MUCH SO!

This person has a lot of time or is just ambitious!
Popsicle Sticks Guitar?! Creative & Awesome!

Such great stuff out there, right?


Jodi said...


And those cupcakes are adorable.

Angélique said...

LOVE the new pics! Very creative and inspirational Kel! :)

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