Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Busy sewing!

This week I have been busy designing some clothing ideas and sewing up a storm. I am getting ready to make my etsy boutique a "real" boutique, it will take some time - but I have decided to take the plunge. I feel that that has been my void. As much as I love fashion and making clothes, I have always wanted to have a clothing store, hence as to why I had called my store a "boutique". I will be doing refashion/upcycle clothing, baby/toddler clothing & accessories, women's clothing, accessories, t-shirts & knits. I will open a new store for my graphic design stuff and it will be linked through my boutique. I am in for a lot of work - though I can't wait for the grand-opening/showing! :)

This week I worked on a shirt for my 12 yr old cousin, I wanted it for myself - but I only had one yard of this wonderful pattern. I am off to the store tomorrow to buy 2 yards for myself! :)

I also worked on a pillow case dress for my 3 yr. old niece - these make the most adorable dresses for little girls!

I have a lot more projects lined up - more to come... :)

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