Friday, April 2, 2010

Fun Ideas for Easter Weekend!

Easter is upon us! We have one more day to gather gifts, baskets, candy & hide eggs for Sunday. I will be baking away cookies, making an egg carton wreath, preparing Sam's basket and printing up cards for the fam on Saturday - come Sunday, we'll attend Mass and have Easter dinner at my parents and stuff our faces with Ham, veggies and the ever favorite of mine - DESSERT (my Mother always has about 5 million to choose from!) YUM!

Before I sign off - here are some great ideas for the weekend! :)

Martha has gone wild on egg decorating - 62 Ways That Is! :O
One of my fav's besides the stenciled ones were these...
Tissue Paper Eggs! Fun, Fun! :)

What to do with all those egg shells? 
Why Egg Shell Seed Starters of course!

Dad's old fishing tackle box = Tackle Box Planter!
Ok, this is clever!

I hope you all have a very Happy Easter! God Bless!
:) K

Ideas & pics care of Craft, Inc & Martha Stewart

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