Friday, December 18, 2009

I Have Been Soooo Busy...

yet, who hasn't?

Sooo I have lots to show and post BUT I will be waiting till after the holidays - due to all the knitting, wrapping and stocking stuffer getting I have left! I have been taking I will post the wonderful Homemade Wreath my husband and I made and the yummy treats that have been filling our bellies!

The "festivities" started yesterday with my Mother-in-Laws, tomorrow is my Mother's large family of 15 siblings plus all their kids and their kids gathering!! My father's side unfortunately doesn't get together since my Memere died when I was 8, that's a good 22 years ago. :(  Nick and I  are having a Holiday Dinner on Wed the 23rd and inviting my Mom, Dad and Sister and her + 3, my Brother won't be able to show with an hours drive he's saving for Christmas Eve, which we all attend The Children's Christmas Mass at 4 and get to my parents for the evening and unwrap gifts and EAT YUMMIES! Christmas morning is Sam's second Christmas where he is all there with it this year! It will so exciting to see his face and unwrap the gifts! We will chill for the day and then head to my Father-in-Laws mothers for dinner and unwrapping! Nick and I will have another Christmas/New Year's Party with my friends who are coming from all over the globe, we've got a Yellowknifer coming!! :) It's busy, it's exciting, it's fun and I will be ever soooo pooped but I have got to say it's what it's all about!!

So this is my send off until after the holidays! I wish you and yours a Wonderful Merry Christmas and Happiest New Year filled with Joy, Love, Happiness & Prosperity! :) oh and of course a BIG CHEERS!! ;)

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