Monday, September 21, 2009

Potato Harvest Time in Northern Maine!!

This weekend was the start of the yearly Potato Harvest in Northern Maine. The school's close for 2 weeks so that the farmers can hire the high school kids to work. I did it one harvest my freshman year with my uncle's farm and I vowed not to do it again! Early mornings until dark falls, 7-7 to be exact. It's hard work... and when you go to sleep at night you dream of the potato's going by you on a conveyor belt! :) Everyday while driving to my parents who live in the country side, I pass by the potato fields, yesterday when I passed I came across the harvesters and trucks! Good ole memories!

My husband got all the tomatoes and corn blanched and into the freezers for winter this weekend. We still have lettuce, onions and carrots growing which do well with the cold, so those will wait another month! Unfortunately the zucchini plants died, but we were done with those... we have so many! We have banana peppers we are gonna pickle and can, and a few green peppers left to saute! Mmmmmm.... gotta love gardening!

1 comment:

Raven said...

Ahh, sounds wunderful.

My zucchini plant died too. I figured it was because of the massive heat wave we had a couple weeks ago out here in LA.


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